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15 Sep 2016 - 10:54am

Changelog: activated: activated
added: added.
all-circuits-busy-now: All circuits are busy now
basic-pbx-ivr-main: Thank you for calling Super Awesome Company, Waldo's premier provider of perfect products. If you know your party's extension, you may dial it at any time. To establish a sales partnership, press one. To speak with a customer advocate, press two. For accounting and other receivables, press three. For a company directory, press four. For an operator, press zero.
conf-adminmenu: Please press 1 to mute or unmute yourself, 2 to lock or unlock the conference, 3 to eject the last user, 4 or 6 to decrease or increase the conference volume, 7 or 9 to decrease or increase your volume, or 8 to exit.
conf-adminmenu-162: Please press 1 to mute or unmute yourself, 2 to lock or unlock the conference, 3 to eject the last user, 4 or 6 to decrease or increase the conference volume, 5 to extend the conference, 7 or 9 to decrease or increase your volume, or 8 to exit.
conf-enteringno: You are entering conference number
conf-errormenu: Invalid Choice
conf-extended: The conference has been extended.
conf-getchannel: Please enter the channel number followed by the pound key.
conf-getconfno: Please enter your conference number followed by the pound key.
conf-getpin: Please enter the conference pin number.
conf-hasjoin: is now in the conference.
conf-hasleft: has left the conference.
conf-invalid: That is not a valid conference number. Please try again.
conf-invalidpin: That pin is invalid for this conference.
conf-kicked: You have been kicked from this conference
conf-leaderhasleft: The leader has left the conference.
conf-locked: This conference is locked!
conf-lockednow: The conference is now locked
conf-muted: You are now muted
conf-noempty: No empty conferences currently exist.
conf-nonextended: The conference cannot be extended.
conf-now-muted: The conference is now muted.
conf-now-recording: The conference is now being recorded.
conf-now-unmuted: The conference is now unmuted.
conf-onlyone: There is currently one other participant in the conference.
conf-onlyperson: You are currently the only person in this conference.
conf-otherinparty: other participants in the conference
conf-placeintoconf: You will now be placed into the conference.
conf-roll-callcomplete: Roll call complete.
conf-thereare: There are currently
conf-unlockednow: The conference is now unlocked
conf-unmuted: You are now unmuted
conf-usermenu: Please press 1 to mute or unmute yourself, 4 or 6 to decrease or increase the conference volume, 7 or 9 to decrease or increase your volume, or 8 to exit.
conf-usermenu-162: Please press 1 to mute or unmute yourself, 4 or 6 to decrease or increase the conference volume, 5 to extend the conference, 7 or 9 to decrease or increase your volume, or 8 to exit.
conf-userswilljoin: users will join the conference.
conf-userwilljoin: user will join the conference.
conf-waitforleader: The conference will begin when the leader arrives.
demo-abouttotry: I am about to attempt an Inter-Asterisk Exchange connection to a demonstration server located at Digium. In order for this to work you must already be connected to the Internet. Please wait a moment while I attempt to make the connection.
demo-congrats: Congratulations. You have successfully installed and executed the Asterisk open source PBX. You have also installed a set of sample sounds and configuration files that should help you to get started. Like a normal PBX you will navigate this demonstration by dialing digits. If you are using a console channel driver instead of a real phone you can use the dial, answer, and hang up commands to simulate the actions of a standard telephone.
demo-echodone: The echo test has been completed.
demo-echotest: You are about to enter an echo test. In this mode everything you say will be repeated back to you just as soon as it is received. The purpose of this test is to give you an audible sense of the latency between you and the machine that is running the echo test application. You may end the test by hanging up or by pressing the pound key.
demo-enterkeywords: Please enter one or more keywords separated by * and then press the pound key.
demo-instruct: If you would like to learn more technical information about Asterisk dial 2 now. If you'd like to test out the voice over IP capabilities of Asterisk you can dial 500 to attempt an Inter-Asterisk Exchange or IAX connection to a demonstration server at Digium. In order for this test to work you will need to be connected to the Internet and have at least a 28.8 kilobit modem. To execute an echo test dial 600. This test is most useful when you have connected to this Asterisk server from a remote location. The sample configuration also has a single user with extension 1234 and password 4242. That user is configured to ring the console when their extension is dialed. If you dial 1234 you can try to ring the console. If the console is busy or unavailable you will be given the option to leave voicemail. To check voice mail for the user dial extension 8500 to enter the voicemail system. Finally, you can press the pound key to disconnect from the PBX.
demo-moreinfo: Asterisk is an Open Source full-featured PBX and IVR platform that runs on the linux operating system. For more information, visit
demo-nogo: I am afraid I was unable to create a connection to the Digium demonstration Asterisk server. You may find some helpful debugging information on the Asterisk console.
demo-nomatch: I'm sorry there are no matches for those keywords
demo-thanks: Goodbye. Thank you for trying out the Asterisk Open Source PBX.
dictate/both_help: press star to toggle pause, press pound to enter a new dictation filename.
dictate/enter_filename: Enter a numeric dictation filename followed by pound or just pound to exit.
dictate/forhelp: press 0 for help
dictate/pause: pause
dictate/paused: paused
dictate/playback: playback
dictate/playback_mode: playback mode
dictate/play_help: press 1 to switch to record mode, press 2 to toggle fast playback, press 7 to jump backwards, press 8 to jump forwards
dictate/record: record
dictate/record_help: press 1 to switch to playback mode, press 8 to truncate the file and start over
dictate/record_mode: record mode
dictate/truncating_audio: truncating audio
digits/0: zero
digits/1: one
digits/10: ten
digits/11: eleven
digits/12: twelve
digits/13: thirteen
digits/14: fourteen
digits/15: fifteen
digits/16: sixteen
digits/17: seventeen
digits/18: eighteen
digits/19: nineteen
digits/2: two
digits/20: twenty
digits/3: three
digits/30: thirty
digits/4: four
digits/40: forty
digits/5: five
digits/50: fifty
digits/6: six
digits/60: sixty
digits/7: seven
digits/70: seventy
digits/8: eight
digits/80: eighty
digits/9: nine
digits/90: ninety
digits/a-m: A.M.
digits/at: at
digits/day-0: Sunday
digits/day-1: Monday
digits/day-2: Tuesday
digits/day-3: Wednesday
digits/day-4: Thursday
digits/day-5: Friday
digits/day-6: Saturday
digits/dollars: dollars
digits/h-1: first
digits/h-10: tenth
digits/h-11: eleventh
digits/h-12: twelfth
digits/h-13: thirteenth
digits/h-14: fourteenth
digits/h-15: fifteenth
digits/h-16: sixteenth
digits/h-17: seventeenth
digits/h-18: eighteenth
digits/h-19: nineteenth
digits/h-2: second
digits/h-20: twentieth
digits/h-3: third
digits/h-30: thirtieth
digits/h-4: fourth
digits/h-40: fourtieth
digits/h-5: fifth
digits/h-50: fiftieth
digits/h-6: sixth
digits/h-60: sixtieth
digits/h-7: seventh
digits/h-70: seventieth
digits/h-8: eighth
digits/h-80: eightieth
digits/h-9: ninth
digits/h-90: ninetieth
digits/h-billion: billionth
digits/h-hundred: hundredth
digits/h-million: millionth
digits/h-thousand: thousandth
digits/hundred: hundred
digits/million: million
digits/minus: minus
digits/mon-0: January
digits/mon-1: February
digits/mon-10: November
digits/mon-11: December
digits/mon-2: March
digits/mon-3: April
digits/mon-4: May
digits/mon-5: June
digits/mon-6: July
digits/mon-7: August
digits/mon-8: September
digits/mon-9: October
digits/oclock: o'clock
digits/oh: oh
digits/p-m: P.M.
digits/pound: pound
digits/star: star
digits/thousand: thousand
digits/today: today
digits/tomorrow: tomorrow
digits/yesterday: yesterday
dir-first: letters of your party's first name.
dir-firstlast: letters of your party's first or last name.
dir-instr: If this is the person you are looking for, press 1 now, otherwise please press star now.
dir-intro: Welcome to the directory. Please enter the first three letters of your party's last name using your touch tone keypad. Use the 7 key for Q, and the 9 key for Z.
dir-intro-fn: Welcome to the directory. Please enter the first three letters of your party's first name using your touch tone keypad. Use the 7 key for Q and the 9 key for Z.
dir-last: letters of your party's last name.
dir-multi1: Press ...
dir-multi2: for...
dir-multi3: extension
dir-multi9: Press 9 for more entries.
dir-nomatch: No directory entries match your search.
dir-nomore: There are no more compatible entries in the directory.
dir-pls-enter: Please enter the first ...
dir-usingkeypad: using your touchtone keypad. Use the 7 key for Q, and the 9 key for Z.
dir-welcome: Welcome to the directory
dollars: dollars
followme/call-from: incoming call from
followme/no-recording: you have an incoming call
followme/options: press 1 to accept this call, or 2 to reject it
followme/pls-hold-while-try: please hold while I try to locate the person you are calling
followme/sorry: I'm sorry, but I was unable to locate the person you are calling
followme/status: the person you are calling is not at their desk; I will try to locate them for you
hello-world: Hello world.
hours: hours
invalid: I am sorry, that's not a valid extension. Please try again.
letters/a: a
letters/ascii123: left brace
letters/ascii124: pipe
letters/ascii125: right brace
letters/ascii126: tilde
letters/ascii34: quote
letters/ascii36: dollar sign
letters/ascii37: percent
letters/ascii38: ampersand
letters/ascii39: tick
letters/ascii40: open parenthesis
letters/ascii41: close parenthesis
letters/ascii42: star
letters/ascii44: comma
letters/ascii58: colon
letters/ascii59: semicolon
letters/ascii60: less than
letters/ascii62: greater than
letters/ascii63: question mark
letters/ascii91: left bracket
letters/ascii92: backslash
letters/ascii93: right bracket
letters/ascii94: caret
letters/ascii95: underscore
letters/ascii96: backtick
letters/asterisk: asterisk
letters/at: at
letters/b: b
letters/c: c
letters/d: d
letters/dash: dash
letters/dollar: dollar
letters/dot: dot
letters/e: e
letters/equals: equals
letters/exclaimation-point: exclaimation mark
letters/f: f
letters/g: g
letters/h: h
letters/i: i
letters/j: j
letters/k: k
letters/l: l
letters/m: m
letters/n: n
letters/o: o
letters/p: p
letters/plus: plus
letters/q: q
letters/r: r
letters/s: s
letters/slash: slash
letters/space: space
letters/t: t
letters/u: u
letters/v: v
letters/w: w
letters/x: x
letters/y: y
letters/z: z
letters/zed: zed
minutes: minutes
pbx-invalid: I am sorry, that's not a valid extension. Please try again.
pbx-invalidpark: I am sorry, there is no call parked on that extension. Please try again.
pbx-parkingfailed: Parking attempt failed.
pbx-transfer: Transfer.
phonetic/9_p: niner
phonetic/a_p: alpha
phonetic/b_p: bravo
phonetic/c_p: charlie
phonetic/d_p: delta
phonetic/e_p: echo
phonetic/f_p: foxtrot
phonetic/g_p: golf
phonetic/h_p: hotel
phonetic/i_p: india
phonetic/j_p: juliet
phonetic/k_p: kilo
phonetic/l_p: lima
phonetic/m_p: mike
phonetic/n_p: november
phonetic/o_p: oscar
phonetic/p_p: papa
phonetic/q_p: quebec
phonetic/r_p: romeo
phonetic/s_p: sierra
phonetic/t_p: tango
phonetic/u_p: uniform
phonetic/v_p: victor
phonetic/w_p: whiskey
phonetic/x_p: xray
phonetic/y_p: yankee
phonetic/z_p: zulu
please-try-call-later: Please try your call again later.
priv-callee-options: Dial 1 if you wish this caller to reach you directly now, and in the future. Dial 2 if you wish to send this caller to voicemail now and forevermore. Dial 3 to send this caller to the torture menus, now and forevermore. Dial 4 to send this caller to a polite don't call menu, now and forevermore. Dial 5 to allow this caller to come straight thru to you in the future, but just this once, send them to voicemail.
priv-callpending: I have a caller waiting, who introduces themselves as
priv-introsaved: Thank you. Please hold, while I attempt to connect you with your party!
priv-recordintro: At the tone, please say your name.
privacy-incorrect: I'm sorry, that number is not valid.
privacy-prompt: Please enter your phone number, starting with the area code.
privacy-thankyou: Thank you.
privacy-unident: The party you are trying to reach does not accept unidentified calls.
queue-callswaiting: Waiting to speak with a representative
queue-holdtime: The estimated hold time is currently
queue-less-than: less than
queue-minute: minute
queue-minutes: minutes
queue-periodic-announce: All of our represenatives are currently busy. Please stay on the line and your call will be answered by the next available representative.
queue-quantity1: Currently, there are more than ...
queue-quantity2: callers waiting to speak with a representative.
queue-reporthold: Hold time
queue-seconds: Seconds
queue-thankyou: Thank you for your patience
queue-thereare: You are currently caller number
queue-youarenext: Your call is now first in line and will be answered by the next available representative.
screen-callee-options: You have these options
seconds: seconds
spy-agent: Agent
spy-console: Console
spy-dahdi: DAHDI
spy-h323: H.323
spy-iax: IAX
spy-iax2: IAX
spy-jingle: Jingle
spy-local: Local
spy-mgcp: MGCP
spy-misdn: M I S D N
spy-mobile: Bluetooth Mobile
spy-nbs: N B S
spy-sip: SIP
spy-skinny: Skinny
spy-unistim: Unistim
spy-usbradio: USB Radio
spy-zap: Zap
ss-noservice: The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check the number and try again.
transfer: Please hold while I try that extension.
tt-allbusy: All representatives of the household are currently assisting other telemarketers. Please hold and your call will be answered in the order it was received.
tt-monkeysintro: They have been carried away by monkeys
tt-somethingwrong: Something is terribly wrong
tt-weasels: Weasels have eaten our phone system
vm-advopts: press 3 for advanced options
vm-and: and
vm-calldiffnum: press 2 to enter a different number
vm-changeto: Change to which folder?
vm-Cust1: folder 5
vm-Cust2: folder 6
vm-Cust3: folder 7
vm-Cust4: folder 8
vm-Cust5: folder 9
vm-delete: Press 7 to delete this message.
vm-deleted: Message deleted.
vm-dialout: please wait while i connect your call
vm-duration: This message lasts ...
vm-enter-num-to-call: please enter the number you wish to call
vm-extension: extension
vm-Family: family
vm-first: first
vm-for: for
vm-forward: Press 1 to enter an extension, press 2 to use the directory
vm-forward-multiple: press 1 to send this message, or 2 to add another recipient.
vm-forwardoptions: press 1 to prepend a message or 2 to forward the message without prepending
vm-Friends: friends
vm-from: from
vm-from-extension: message from extension
vm-from-phonenumber: message from phone number
vm-goodbye: Goodbye
vm-helpexit: Press star for help or pound to exit.
vm-INBOX: new
vm-incorrect: Login incorrect.
vm-incorrect-mailbox: Login incorrect. Mailbox?
vm-instructions: To look into your messages press 1 now. You may quit voicemail at any time by pressing the pound key.
vm-intro: Please leave your message after the tone. When done hang up or press the pound key.
vm-invalid-password: That password does not meet the minimum requirements for this mailbox. Please try again.
vm-invalidpassword: That is not a valid password. Please try again.
vm-isonphone: is on the phone
vm-isunavail: is unavailable
vm-last: last
vm-leavemsg: Press 5 to leave a message
vm-login: Comedian Mail. Mailbox?
vm-mailboxfull: sorry but the user's mail box can't accept more messages
vm-marked-nonurgent: Urgent status removed.
vm-marked-urgent: Message marked urgent.
vm-message: message
vm-messages: messages
vm-minutes: minutes
vm-mismatch: The passwords you entered and re-entered did not match. Please try again.
vm-msginstruct: To hear the next message press 6, to repeat this message press 5, to hear the previous message press 4, to delete or undelete this message press zero, to quit voicemail press pound.
vm-msgsaved: Your message has been saved.
vm-newpassword: Please enter your new password followed by the pound key.
vm-newuser: Welcome to Comedian Mail. First, I will guide you through a short setup process.
vm-next: Press 6 to play the next message.
vm-no: no
vm-nobodyavail: Nobody is available to take your call at the moment
vm-nobox: you cannot reply to this message because the sender does not have a mailbox
vm-nomore: No more messages.
vm-nonumber: I'm afraid. I don't know who sent this message.
vm-num-i-have: the number i have is
vm-Old: old
vm-onefor: Press 1 for
vm-onefor-full: Press one to listen to ...
vm-options: Press 1 to record your unavailable message, press 2 to record your busy message, press 3 to record your name, press 4 to record your temporary greeting, press 5 to change your password, press star to return to the main menu.
vm-opts: Press 2 to change folders, press 3 for advanced options, press zero for mailbox options.
vm-opts-full: press 2 to access messages saved in other folders. Press 3 to record a message for another mailbox. Press 0 for greetings and password management.
vm-passchanged: Your passwords have been changed.
vm-password: password
vm-pls-try-again: please try again
vm-press: press
vm-prev: Press 4 for the previous message
vm-reachoper: press 0 to reach an operator
vm-rec-busy: After the tone say your busy message and then press the pound key.
vm-rec-name: After the tone say your name and then press the pound key.
vm-rec-temp: After the tone, say your temporary message, and then press the pound key.
vm-rec-unv: After the tone say your unavailable message and then press the pound key.
vm-received: received
vm-record-prepend: At the tone, please record an introduction to the forwarded message. When done, press the pound sign.
vm-reenterpassword: Please re-enter your password followed by the pound key.
vm-repeat: Press 5 to repeat the current message.
vm-review: press 1 to accept this recording press 2 to listen to it press 3 to rerecord your message
vm-review-nonurgent: Press 4 to remove the urgent status of this message.
vm-review-urgent: Press 4 to mark this message as urgent.
vm-saved: saved
vm-savedto: saved to
vm-savefolder: Which folder should I save the message to?
vm-savemessage: or 9 to save this message
vm-saveoper: press 1 to accept this recording, otherwise, please continue to hold
vm-sorry: I'm sorry I did not understand your response.
vm-star-cancel: press star to cancel
vm-starmain: press star to return to the main menu
vm-tempgreetactive: Your temporary greeting is currently active
vm-tempgreeting: press 1 to record your temporary greeting
vm-tempgreeting2: press 1 to record your temporary greeting, or press 2 to erase your temporary greeting
vm-tempremoved: Your temporary greeting has been removed
vm-then-pound: then press pound
vm-theperson: The person at extension
vm-tmpexists: There is a temporary greeting, which overrides your standard greetings.
vm-tocallback: press 2 to call the person who sent this message
vm-tocallnum: press 1 to call this number
vm-tocancel: or pound to cancel.
vm-tocancelmsg: press star to cancel this message
vm-toenternumber: press 1 to enter a number
vm-toforward: Press 8 to forward the message to another user
vm-tohearenv: press 3 to hear the message envelope
vm-tomakecall: press 4 to place an outgoing call
vm-tooshort: your message is too short
vm-toreply: press 1 to send a reply
vm-torerecord: press 3 to rerecord your message
vm-undelete: Press 7 to undelete this message
vm-undeleted: Message undeleted.
vm-unknown-caller: from an unknown caller
vm-Urgent: urgent
vm-whichbox: To leave a message, please enter a mailbox number.
vm-Work: work
vm-youhave: you have
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Changelog: digits/billion: billion
lowercase: lowercase
uppercase: uppercase
vm-msgforwarded: Your message has been successfully forwarded.
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